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REcube lance un appel à candidatures pour son Workshop du 15 au 20/07 à Lecco (IT) : REcube: REthink, REvive, REuse, Transmitting the knowledge for the green regeneration of the European Concrete Heritage

REcube lance un appel à candidatures destiné au MA1 et MA2 pour son Workshop qui se déroulera du 15 au 20/07 à Lecco (IT) : "Regenerate Workshop"

Envoyez votre candidature (CV + lettre de motivation) avant le 29/04 à Marcelle Rabinowicz ( et David LoBuglio (

Toutes les infos sur ce lien : REcube – REthink, REvive, REuse (


In Europe, heritage protection laws and building sector codes are far from being a unified and coherent set of regulations. Disparities of political visions, diverging cultural perceptions and lack of economic and social homogeneity contribute to a fractured landscape. REcube represents a unique opportunity to work in a transnational setting to create and transmit a unified and strong common vision of sustainable conservation and renovation of Modern European concrete architectural heritage. REcube is a cooperation partnership in higher education within the Erasmus+ programme. The REcube: REthink, REvive, REuse – Transmitting the knowledge for the green regeneration of the European Concrete Heritage project will teach a sustainable, integrated and holistic approach to the conservation and renovation of Modern Concrete European Architectural Heritage to master’s students coming from 11 different Architecture and Engineering schools across Europe. REcube’s overall objective is conceiving and transmitting a new sustainable best practice to foster the development of a new mindset in the field of Modern Heritage Regeneration, based on the imminent and highly necessary culture change in the building sector accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis.

In particular, this project aims to:

  • Establish and disseminate innovative interdisciplinary teaching methods in modern concrete heritage conservation at the intersection of engineering and architecture. Thus, nurturing a new generation of young professionals with a focus on research, innovation, durability and care.
  • Develop best practises for sustainable modern concrete heritage preservation at the European and International level to encourage the sustainable and durable inter- and multidisciplinary approach to the regeneration and management of the Modern European building stock.
  • Push the boundaries of professional praxis in the building and conservation sector towards a holistic, green and culturally conscious vision of modern heritage environments.

List of Partners and Programme Details 

For the list of partners and the programme details please visit

Who can apply?

Each Higher Education Partner will select for each year of the Partnership’s duration 3 students from their Master’s programmes in Engineering and Architecture. The selection is due for mid-May, 2022.

How to apply

Please address your letter of motivation, together with a brief CV or Academic Record and a portfolio, within the  29th of April 2022 to your  REcube Partner student selection referent as indicated below : Marcelle Rabinowicz & David Lo Buglio

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