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Séminaire Cities in the Metabolic Loop & the Global South : Congo’s environment and ressources Interventions de Pierre Meerts (ULB) et de Théodore Trefon (AfricaMuseum)

Urban metabolism | & the Global South: Congo’s environment and resources [fr]

The Research Centre LOUISE (ULB - La Cambre Horta) organises a series of lectures under the title Cities in the metabolic loop, within the framework of the research project Metrolab Brussels (ULB - UCL) Enhancing the “functioning of the urban metabolism” in Brussels (Brussels Capital Region 2014), is the orientation of about 50 publicly funded regional projects (European Regional Development Fund – ERDF - for 2014-2020). Building on the Europe Strategy 2020 for a smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth, the projects are meant to boost new territorial economic cycles while answering current environmental and social crisis. 

The seminars cycle is meant to be an occasion for discussion among academics, designers, institutions, and other local stakeholders dealing with the issue of urban metabolism. The purpose is to cross-referencing different perspectives and feed the Brussels debate on the topic. 

Urban metabolism / & the Global South: Congo’s environment and resources gathers two lecturers about the ecological and political conditions of natural resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Le 16 septembre 2019

Au Metrolab, quai du commerce 48.