“(...) How can a culture as educated as ours be so unconscious, so reckless, in its relations with the living earth?” (Stengers, 2012)

This interrogation is of particular interest to us when the climate, economic or sanitary crises are shaking us. Wouldn't we be reinforcing an incorrect, untenable configuration between humans and all other inhabitants of the planet? And if so, how to reverse this trend by both conceptualizing and designing our cities differently? “Urban Assemblages” (the design unit preceding Urban Nature) believed that the socio-economic and ecologic transition of existing cities and their hinterland was the condition for a sustainable future. “Urban Nature” proposes instead that sustainability will be forever hindered unless we do not revise the onto-epistemological basis that dissociated cities from nature in the first place.

Créé le 14 septembre 2021